We can oer and install an automatic doing system on the ring frames which are not equipped with this
device. The system can be applied on all types of machines (Lakshmi, Rieter, Zinser, Toyota, ecc.) with very
good result, reliability and optimum ratio quality/price.




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How many minutes takes a cycle of doffing?

The doffing time can be adjusted by increasing the speed of up and downof the device. Minimum time is about 2 minutes, the recommended time is 3 minutes (more movement is slow and is more functional the system in time).


What is the speed of loading-unloading bobbin-tubes?

Even in this case, the plates being controlled by an electric motor the speed may be adjusted by varying the frequency of power to the motor and it can reach 1200 bobbin-tubes per hour.


We need to make some changes the ring spinning machine?

  • We need to add the thread reserve on the bottom of the spindle for the reserve of the yarn, so that the restart of the spinning is not broken the yarn
  • When the yarn guides are folded there must be a microswitch which signals the vertical position of the same in such a way as to allow the entry of the doffing on fused only with this condition
  • The blower should stop in the parking position during the entire cycle of "doffing"


What types of safety devices are there?

  • The lifting cycle will not start if the spinning machine has not stopped the spindles, if the wagon brings-rings is not all down (spindles below) and the yarn guides are not in an upright position
  • The spinning machine can not be put into operation if doffing is not in the park position


What is the life of the membranes of the hand grip?

It depends on several factors such as the number of doffing made​​, compressed air quality, condition of the tubes. According to our experience of 1200 membranes with a number of doffing of 6 in 24 hours 5 membranes were changed in a year